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I'm interested in how cities, from their streets, public spaces, buildings, and transit, can be designed by and for people. I love learning about how people make things happen in cities--how trash is picked up and where it goes, what maps can tell us about ourselves, how unused space is turned into parks, how the guys who operate 24-hour halal carts are the city's unsung heroes...

Boston-bred and a New York City transplant, I express my love for cities in my sketches of urban scenes using watercolor and ink. My clients have included Greystar Apartments and Oxbridge Academic Programs, and my artwork has been recognized on Instagram by Central Park, Times Square, Time Out New York, Comedy Central's Broad City, and the New York Yankees. Check out my Instagram account @rowan_wu, and buy prints online at http://www.redbubble.com/people/rowanwu/shop

I am a proud Barnard College graduate, where I majored Urban Studies. When I'm not sketching, I can be found biking, identifying street trees, and trying to find the perfect dumplings in NYC.


Artist Profile: Rowan Wu, Painter and Barnard Student, by Zoe Marquedant - Columbia Journal

By Zoe Marquedant Editor's note: Rowan's exhibition celebrates its opening this Thursday, November 3rd, at 6pm at Birch Coffee on the Upper West Side. More info here. See more of Rowan's art on her instagram and website. What do we do for our own sake?